Reading @ Poetry Out Loud

On Wednesday November 4th I attended Poetry Out Loud, an open mic featuring poet Claire Zoghb at the New Haven Public Library.

I didn't bring any of my poems with me as I wasn't planning on reading anything. But I did have my fancy schmancy G1 phone on me and was able to locate some poems in my e-mail to read out loud.

I was the only person to read poetry from a phone. Hey, do you think "The Cellphone Poet" moniker is taken?

It was an honor to read with Claire (get yourself a copy of her new book Small House Breathing) and the other poets who shared their work.

A big thank you goes out to Loretta who snapped some shots of me reading and immediately sent me the photos via her iPhone. Ah, the wonders of technology...

Hugs all around,


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DJ Berndt said...

I also like this a lot, Cellphone Poet.