Michael Kimball Writes The Postcard Life Story Of Greg Santos

Michael Kimball, the author of the amazing epistolary novel, Dear Everybody, has written my postcard life story for his super cool project, Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (On A Postcard).

If you're not familiar with his project, Kimball interviews a subject and based on their answers, writes their life story out on a postcard. He then posts the life stories on his blog for all to read.

I'm lucky number #226. Please check out my postcard life story here.

Can't wait to see what the postcard looks like! Maybe I'll scan it for you, dear readers, when it arrives.

Read more about the life story postcard project on NPR and The Guardian.

Thank you, Michael.

And thank YOU all for reading.



DJ Berndt said...

Congrats, dude. That's great!

Greg Santos said...

Thanks for reading and for your comments, DJ! You're the best.