Glad to be inside and dry

We're getting the leftovers of Hurricane Ernesto here in New Haven, so that means heavy winds and rain for most of the day. Perfect weather to stay at home and relax. Though, we did venture outside to buy fresh foods from The Farmer's Market and I also got a tour of Del Monico, an old fashioned hat store that has been operating since 1908.

Most of you already know I'm somewhat of a hat enthusiast so this place is like headgear-heaven for me. From Fedoras to Stetsons, to Tilleys and Borsalinos; I'm all set. I was even able to find out my hat size - I have a large head and you can imagine the trouble it usually takes me to find one that fits me - so the idea of being able to buy a fitted hat has me drooling more than Marlon Brando at a cannoli cook off.

Also, I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but Michelle Dabrowski's podcast, Throw it thru your speakers Episode #4 is now online. Listen to it here.

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