Happy Birthday Sam.

Today would have been the 100th birthday of Samuel Beckett (arguably one of the most important playwrights of the 20th Century). One of my favourite plays of all time happens to be Waiting for Godot but unfortunately some of his other works haven't had the same impact on me. I've tried to like them but I tell you, it hasn't been easy. Anyway, in celebration of Beckett's centenary, Mainline Theatre will be hosting Beckett 100 starting today, April 13th and will run until April 16th. I won't be able to attend the show tonight because I have tickets to see David Sherman's, Have a Heart instead but if you're brave enough to check out some absurdist theatre, I say go for it.

Beckett 100 April 13-16 at 8pm, Mainline Theatre (3997 St-Laurent), 934-0535

To read a preview about Beckett 100 from The Mirror, go here: Play it again, Sam

And to all of my Jewish friends, Happy Pesach!

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