Greetings men and women of the free world. It is truly a pleasure to be here with you once again on another edition of Moondoggy's Pad. It has been quite some time since the author has written about the exploits of one Gregory Santos aka Prince Gregsly aka SG Natos aka Dimitri Santioskvi. I believe he has many other pseudonyms but I cannot be certain, after all he is a sneaky fellow.

The last time we heard from our intrepid heroes Lord Levy had been struck down with a mysterious illness and there was a great deal of concern as to whether the odyssey would take place. After days of worry and waiting Lord Levy was not getting better. Truly, all seemed lost! However being the gentleman that he is, Lord Levy bravely spoke

"This voyage may not happen for me because I am feeling ill. However both of you are well and you should take advantage of the time that you have. Go my friends, embark on your journey. I shall be healthy soon enough and when you return I will be waiting to hear about your adventures. But rest assured when I am at the peak of my health we will all go on a voyage and our stories will live on forever. Our legends will echo across the ages." So spoke Joshua.

Thus the mystic three became two. With heavy hearts the noble Sir Ryan and Prince Gregsly left Montreal knowing full well the dangers that lay ahead. They loaded their carriage with their belongings and they rode off into the horizon.

Be sure not to miss the next edition of this epic serial to learn about the fantastic voyage that ensures. God bless the Queen and long live the monarchy!

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