Hey everyone. Allow me to break character for a moment because as you can tell I am still here in Montreal and not on an "epic voyage". We were supposed to leave for Burlington today but Josh isn't feeling very well so we'll be postponing the trip for another day. Josh if you're reading this I hope you feel better soon. I'm sending you all the best vibes possible. And so on with the adventure...

On the last edition of Moondoggy's Abode we joined our heroes as they prepared for their grand journey to the United Kingdom of the Americas. All the travelling arrangements were set and all the preparations made. The journey was ready to begin.

However on the twenty second day of the eighth month of our Lord tragedy struck. Lord Levy had fallen prey to a mysterious illness. His forehead burned and ached, his body exhausted. Oh cruel fate what devilish games you play! An exorcism was performed but to no avail, the demons were much too strong.

What will happen to our three adventurers? Will the voyage ever take place? Will they find the cause of this mysterious illness? The answers to these questions will be found on the next edition of this rousing narrative. Pray for these brave men for they will need all the prayers they can get.

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