T'is a beautiful afternoon in the kingdom of Mount Royal on the third day of the eighth month of our Lord. Our intrepid heroes Prince Gregsly and Sir Ryan have returned from their long and epic journey. Upon their return there was much celebration and ballyhoo. They rode in atop a parade of elephants much like the legendary general Hannibal Barca did when he crossed the Alps to fight the Romans and millions upon millions of lilac and magnolia petals were strewn upon the ground. This was truly a spectacle to behold.

Tired from their journey yet happy to be home they regaled the enthralled townsfolk with amazing stories of heroism and bravery. The author of this serial does not know where to begin for each story is more incredible than the last. But I will attempt to give you a glimpse of what unfolded during those six infamous days.

In the Kingdom of Bostonia local musicians at a tavern entertained Sir Ryan and Prince Gregsly. Their fingers flew across their instruments and the songs they played were as beautiful as the songs of Orpheus. Our two heroes dined like kings by the waterfront and were treated to the beautiful architecture of Old Cambridge. Another day they boarded a whaling ship and went out into the open water to locate the elusive monster "Mighty Fin", reputed to be a descendant of the legendary "Moby Dick". After hours of searching they found it and this beast was indeed a monster. I have been told that it is the second largest animal that has ever lived on this great planet.

Truro near the Cape I am told was favoured greatly by our adventurers. They encountered colourful characters and had many memorable experiences. Their lodgings lay near a beautiful beach with light blue waters but to get there our heroes had to follow a path that lay deep inside an enchanted forest. The Pamet road was long and treacherous but Sir Ryan and Prince Gregsly were unfazed. They arrived and were welcomed with open arms.

There they were surrounded by dunes and rolling hills. Most notably, Bearburry Hill which overlooked all of Truro. It was there were they were able to view a most magnificent sight: the setting of a pink sun with the light blue moon watching on silently. It was also on Bearburry hill where they danced, drank, and played music well into the night with a merry group of fellow travelers. Our heroes told me that you had to have been there to fully appreciate the magic of that evening. It was a night like no other.

The beach was also home to another memorable evening when after exploring festive Provincetown where everyone had a gay old time, our travelers and a group of six new friends started a warm fire on the white sand. They told tales and toasted each other as the fire danced the night away.

There are many more tales to tell about this voyage but this lowly author would not be able do them justice. Rest assured that Sir Ryan and Prince Gregsly have returned wiser and more adventurous than before. So please dear reader do not be sad because we have come to the conclusion of this serial but be happy and thank the Lord that our brave travelers are alive to fight another day. Perhaps next time the incomparable Lord Levy will join them as they fight giants on a distant island. Perhaps they will travel to lands unseen by man. Perhaps they will ride dragons in the Orient. Perhaps... well perhaps we'll have to wait and see. Fare thee well dear reader and may the Lord's grace smile upon thee.

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