T'is the sixteenth day of the eighth month of our Lord. We bid you good evening as we join our intrepid hero while he waits in anticipation. For the day of reckoning grows near when Prince Gregsly, Lord Levy, and the noble Sir Ryan embark on their harrowing journey to the United Kingdom of the Americas.

Pray for these brave men while they prepare and plan for their voyage which will not be for the weak of heart. We urge the parents of young children to refrain from telling the young ones this story for it will be difficult dear reader to forbear them from weeping.

I am but a lowly narrator, a simple observer but I have witnessed the great feats performed by these men. They have travelled our great world from one end to the next and I have faith that they will return with tales so grand that the Illiad will seem but a childs fairytale in comparison.

...I have been informed that my Lord requests my company. I am to join him for a snifter of port. Join us next time for another serial edition of Sir Moondoggy's Abode. God bless the Monarchy!

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