Greetings children of colonized nations the world over. Once again I welcome you to another fine serial edition of Sir Moondoggy's Abode. On the twelth day of the eighth month, our hero Prince Gregsly ventured to the hamlet of De La Peltie to luncheon with his kin Lord and Lady Cervi. They were treated to a magnificent feast fit for royalty and were entertained by tales of yore.

Our intrepid hero left the hamlet of De La Peltrie in his silver carriage owned by Lady Maria-of-the-Sun and proceeded towards the land of Cavendish to meet with the valiant Sir Ryan and the strong-willed Lord Levy.

Finding themselves greeted with open arms at the castle of Lord Levy, our heroic trio began planning for their epic odyssey to the Kingdom of Bostonia. They spent many an hour in conference discussing the merits of such a voyage and our trio decided that a lengthy trip would be most favourable. After much deliberation, it was decided that they would venture not only the uncharted Kingdom of Bostonia but also to the Village of Vermont, the haunted forests of Salem, Truro near the Cape, and the Kingdom of Hampshire.

This odyssey will be met with many trials and tribulations but never fear dear reader for our adventurers are ready and willing to put their lives at risk in the name of progress.
Do not fail to join us in the next edition of Sir Moondoggy's Abode for you will read great stories of heroism, explore kingdoms beyond your wildest dreams, and encounter colourful characters of all shapes and sizes.

Tune in next time to learn the outcome of this rousing narrative.

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