Greetings true believers. I'm back in Montreal and I'm better than ever! My trip to the Maritimes was extremely fun, relaxing, and I had a great time with Maryn. I'm still getting adjusted to being back home but it's extremely gratifying to be done Mount Allison and to be starting a brand new chapter in my life.

Next week I'm meeting with my academic advisor at Concordia University to go over the courses I'll be taking next semester. I've looked at the classes offered for the Creative Writing program and they look really interesting. Josh's girlfriend Eva and his brother's girlfriend are also taking some Creative Writing courses so it'll be nice to know some other people when I start in September.

Tomorrow Josh and I are going to go indoor rock climbing at "Escalade Horizon Roc" which is apparently the biggest climbing center in the world. I don't have much experience rock climbing (I've only gone a few times on climbing walls) but I'm looking forward to the challenge. Move over Tobey Maguire, here comes the "real" Spider-Man!

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