Last night Maryn and I watched a really different movie. It's called "Genghis Blues" and it's a documentary about a blind, blues musician named Paul Pena who travels to Tuva (near Mongolia) after hearing the art of Tuva throat singing on his short wave radio. He becomes so obsessed about the musical art that he teaches himself how to sing, read, and speak in the Tuvan language. He gets invited to participate in its annual festival competition and this film chronicles his journey. It sounds like a very bizarre story, but it is a really beautiful and moving experience. If you're looking for something different, see this Oscar nominated film.

It's Friday and I'm looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow Harper's having it's semi-formal and the theme is going to be "Jazz-Cabaret". It's going to be fun to go out, dress up, and dance. On a completely different note, the past two days have been quite newsworthy for Montreal. First of all, I was informed by Josh that apparently yesterday there was a kidnapping attempt that ended, complete with snipers, a tactical squad, and a canine unit dispatched to a town house on the Boulevard - which is in the same area as my neighborhood. I had no clue this happened, so imagine my surprise when I got a phone call giving me some of the details.

In other news, gay couples have won the right to marry in Quebec. So Quebec has joined the likes of Toronto, and British Columbia. This is a controversial subject but I'm proud to be part of a province that recognizes the rights of two people to marry, regardless of their sex.

Here are some links in relation to the news stories:

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