Here's an article I found very interesting for you poetry lovers out there:

Poetry by rail

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. - The French subway system can keep its roving accordion players: Canada's first-ever "poetry train" pulled into a northern B.C. station Wednesday, completing a five-day trip that saw six Canadian poets perform their works for passengers and at whistle stops along the way.

Passengers on the VIA Rail train, which travelled from Winnipeg to Prince George, seemed to enjoy the performances, like Bill Bissett 's unusual sound poetry.

"It's just fantastic," said a visitor from Munich, Germany. "I think I have to become an innovator of German sound poetry back home."

Others took the opportunity to join in the versifying.

"When the poets are on the train, people can come and see them and read their own poetry ... that's what I was doing," said Danae Barrager. The nine-year-old passenger climbed aboard in Jasper and found herself reciting verse alongside some well-known Canadian poets, including Bissett, George Elliot Clarke, Kate Braid, Deborah Stiles, Jon Paul Fiorentino and Chandra Mayor. The trip also included workshops for aspiring poets.

Braid was delighted by the warm reception she received. "You get the feeling that people have been hungry for this," she said.

Poetry-loving engineer John Howarth came up with the idea for this "rhyme along the railway," and drove the passenger train to the end of the line. He hopes that the poetry train will become an annual event.

CBC Arts News

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