Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
It was a cold, and blustery day today. Mother nature can't seem to decided whether it's spring or still winter yet. I've been getting used to wearing just a t-shirt and a hoodie, or a warm sweater but today I had to go back to wearing my winter jacket. Oh well, we can't have the weather we want all the time. It keeps us on our toes.

I'm going to put a little shout out to my homies back in Montreal. A big congratulations goes out to Ryan for getting the job. Good luck! Also I'd like to wish Josh a speedy recovery. Feel better soon buddy cause I need you to be at 100% when I come back to Montreal to raise a little hell.

I'd also like people to know that one of my poems has been accepted for publication on an upcoming issue of "The Scruffy Zine", a small web-Zine started here at Mount Allison. Here's a link to the website where you can access the free Zine: www.scruffycreations.com
I'll be sure to include a link to it when I know my stuff is going to be included.

Until next time.

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