Tonight is Oscar night and I'm planning on having a few people over to watch the festivities. I'm looking forward to tonight's ceremony and I'm hoping that some well deserving movies get the recognition they deserve. As always, there are films and actors who were snubbed for their performances. For example, Nicole Kidman in "Cold Mountain", and "Cold Mountain" as a film was forgotten. How about Tim Burton's "Big Fish", and where's Scarlett Johansson? She was great in "Lost In Translation" and I wasn't able to see her other film, "Girl With The Pearl Earrings", but I hear she was just as good in that too. Even Gwenyth Paltrow was kept out of the Oscar race, with no mention of her strong portrayal of Sylvia Plath in "Sylvia". I'd also like to know why "Finding Nemo" which was strong in the box office, and strong critically was only nominated for "Best Animated Picture"? I think it should be up there for Best Picture as well.

Even though I have some complaints about some of the choices, I'm looking forward to tonight's show. I'm hoping "Lost In Translation" brings in some awards. It was my favourite movie of the year and I really hope Bill Murray gets the award for Best Actor. I know he's kind of the underdog, being a comedy actor but I'm crossing my fingers anyway. Go Bill!
I'm also hoping "Les Invasions Barbares" wins an award. Not only is it a Montreal film but it was a truly moving, and powerful piece of art.

I was able to get my hands on Douglas Coupland's "Life After God" suggested by Josh and I'm going through it quite quickly. When I was deciding whether to pick it up or not, I looked at the back and after reading one review, I was sold. Bookpage's review of the book says:

"Coupland has at his disposal a dazzling array of tools with which to shape the emotions of his readers: the whimsy of a latter-day Jack Kerouac, the irony of a young Kurt Vonnegut..." and right there I knew this was a "Greg" book.

Have a great day.

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