"Sound Check": Gorillaz
Greetings from Sackville, New Brunwick. The weekend is starting to wind down and it's back to school tomorrow. I hope everyone had a good weekend because I sure had a pretty relaxing one which is good considering I'm not going to be able to do much relaxing once work really starts to pile up. I was going to see a play on Friday with Maryn called "One For The Road" directed by Hope Mcintyre who is directing my play "Escape From Happiness". They are taking the show on tour to Winnipeg for a week which means no rehearsals. Huzzah! Anyways, we went to the theatre and found out that it was sold out. Great for the actors in the show, bad for people who couldn't see the play. So we decided to go down to Mr. Movie to rent "A Beautiful Mind". It was the first time I saw the movie and Russell Crowe really did do a good job at portraying the Nobel prize winning mathematician John Nash. Isn't it scary how there are people walking around who see and hear things that aren't really there? Schizophrenia is so scary because it is so misunderstood and I think Ron Howard did a good job at showing the mainstream how scary the illness can be.
We had our house party last night and it was pretty wild. It was called "Harper Goes Hardcore" and the theme was the 80's. I really didn't have any 80's clothing with me so I tried to dress up like a ghetto boy or something. In the end I just ended up looking like Enrique Iglesias apparently with my toque and sunglasses. It was quite funny one girl ended up stumbling up to me (obviously a little tipsy) "Hey! Where did you get those sunglasses. They are sooooooooooo cool" and "Hey man! It's Enrique!" I'm a trend setter I guess. Maryn and I had a blast dancing on 3rd floor where they had a DJ playing. Originally there wasn't anyone dancing there and the DJ looked a little lonely so we decided to start the party and start the party we did. Eventually the party started getting really crowded so our group came back down to my room to chill for a while. All in all it was a fun evening.

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