"Kiss That Frog": Peter Gabriel
It is freakin cold in Sackville! Not only that but I think the heating isn't working in Harper so I woke up this morning absolutely frozen. There's something really wrong about that, especially when you've been living in my room for so long. This room in Harper is always hot - it's like a sauna in here so having it be cold is really, really weird. I got a phone call yesterday from my old drama teacher from my highschool because he is one of my references (I'm applying to different schools for a Master's program) and it was really great to talk to him. The last time I talked to him (not by e-mail) was like in '98 when I graduated from highschool. He really helped me out and has always been very encouraging. So after talking "business" we had a nice chat about how both our lives were going. It's so weird how time goes by isn't it?

It's still really cold outside so I think I'm going to hide out in Harper for the rest of the day. Take care everyone!

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