"No One Knows": Queens of the Stone Age
Happy Saturday everyone. I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. I was so happy when the weekend arrived because this is going to be one of the only weekends that I'm going to have off because I have no rehearsals for "Escape From Happiness". Thursday night, Maryn and I wanted to go see "Bowling For Columbine" but it was sold out for the 7:00pm show. There was going to be another one at 9:30 but we decided to rent "About A Boy" and it really hit the spot. I borrowed the book "About A Boy" from my friend Josh a while ago and I loved it. When I found out there was going to be a movie about it, well I was thrilled. It is a good adaptation of the book -although it is missing some important elements such as the Nirvana storyline which was so important in the book, I still found the movie enjoyable. I saw the movie in theatres and since it came out on DVD and video I thought it would be a good idea to introduce Maryn to the film. It really is a well done little movie.
Friday was quiet, did some reading, studying, and relaxing since I knew I was going to be busy today.
Woke up this morning at 9:15 (I know, it's hard to believe but I woke up that early!) and Maryn and I got on the bus to Moncton. We spent such a nice day there and we had such a good time. First we went to Champlain mall to browse and just shop around. It was great to get out of the Sackville routine. I tried the Popcorn chicken shakers at KFC and they were scrumdidilyumptious. I love going to KFC when I'm in Moncton. It just seems so out of the ordinary for me, it's comfort food I guess. I ended up buying a Miro calendar, Maryn bought a calander for her pen-pal from France and we got to take some silly photo booth pictures. I'll try to scan them in and put them on my website as soon as I can.
Sorry if this sounds er reads very stream of conciously but that's how I feel like writing right now. We later spent a good couple of hours at the big Chapters and we were able to take our time and browse throught the aisles. I love bookstores, I think I could just stay in there forever - and now that lots of them have cafe's inside I'm all set. All they need now are beds!
I ended up buying "The World's Shortest Stories of Love and Death". A very smart book, with lots of the stories being less than 55 words long. It's amazing how effective these short stories can be. Let me give you an example:

The Winner

The casino was crowded but Brent saw only Ellie. He had to win...for her...for her love. He dropped his last three coins in the slot, and pulled handle. The reel spun; no win. He slumped onto the stool. "I've lost everything."
"I love you," she whispered.
His heart leapt.

-Dorothy G. Olson

Great huh?
Anyways, a great buy indeed. We went back to the mall and got some Pretzels from "The Pretzel Wagon" and also ran into Maryn's friend Jen. I- oh yeah, before I forget I also brought home a new friend. We went to the It Store and I saw this puppet staring at me and I started playing with him. I decided to buy him and now I have Archimedes here in my room. But friends can call him Archie. He's a wise looking, old wizard. I think I'm going to have many hours of entertainment. :)
We were finally done shopping and went to The Crystal Palace to let our inner children run free. It's a small, amusment park kind of place and we went on some rides. We almost got sick on this chair, swingy thing but then after realizing that we were old and didn;t have the same stamina as little kids, we went on little roller coaster to calm our nerves. It was SO MUCH FUN! Also, don't you ever wonder why kids are always running everywhere they go? Maybe it's because they think time is really precious so they want to do as much as possible all at once. Sometimes I really feel like that. Then again, I am a kid at heart.
Soon it was time to leave and go off to eat supper. We were already so pooped from the long day, and having it be really cold outside didn't help to much. We were trying to go to this Italian Restaurant that Craig suggested however we never made reservations (we also forgot the name of the restaurant in the first place, but that's an entirely different story all together). We ended up going to another restaurant that Craig recommended called the um... "something, something Brewery". It amazes me that for someone who can memorize a whole Ionesco play, or all the lines to Richard II, that I can't remember the name of a restaurant that I went to a few hours ago. Hmmmmm go figure.
We had some really good food and we had a really wonderful supper that really summarized a truly, special and wonderful day.
We went to the bus station after supper and found out that the bus was going to be about an hour and a half late. We really didn't feel like waiting that long and I think that we've had the "Luck Fairy" on our shoulders all day long because there were a bunch of other students there in the bus station and we all got together and took a taxi back to Sackville and it only cost us $10 dollars each.
Now here I am typing away at my computer and I think it is time to end this Blog because this has been one really, really long entry. If you've stuck by me this long, I shake your hand and I say thank you for listening... er reading. Goodnight and until next time. Live long and prosper!

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