"Watching The Ripping Friends"
Hi everyone. I've been having a good time so far since being home. I went to go see "Star Trek: Nemesis" with my friend Ryan and my cousin Luca. None of us are big Star Trek fans so we went in there as casual movie watchers and I have to say that I enjoyed it. I knew most the characters because I used to watch "Next Generation" so I had no problems relating to the characters and the terms. I had fun. While waiting to get into the theatre there were already a bunch of people waiting to get into the 12:01 show of Lord of the Rings. I think I'm going to wait until it calms down a bit before seing it but I'm REALLY excited about the new movie.

Tomorrow I'm going to help my cousin Luca move out of his apartment. He's going back home to Brussels on Sunday. It was really nice getting to know him while he was here. Hopefully I get to go visit him soon or vice-versa. Goodnight everyone!

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