"I Am The Walrus": Beatles
Well it's Tuesday and I am enjoying my relaxing time. After two months of working on "The Sniper", I'm actually able to be in my room at 7:00 pm and it's a nice feeling. However I do miss seeing everyone because it really was like a little family. Now that "The Sniper" is over I have already started looking at the design plans for "Portrait of Dora" where I'm the Painting Supervisor for the play. We're going to have a few production meetings this week so I should have a better idea of how the project is coming along.

Tonight Maryn and I are not going to be going to meal hall. We're going to be trying to do some cooking. At the moment I'm not sure what we'll be making but I'll let everyone know whether it is a success or if I end up burnung something. Wish me luck!

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