"Big Eyed Fish": Dave Matthews Band
Good afternoon tout le monde. Can you believe it? The play is over. Two months of staying up late and practically living in the theatre is over. Man it's been quite the ride and last night really topped it all off. All the shows this week were pretty good but last night's was amazing. It was as if all the other shows were leading up to last night's show. The cast was really on the ball and all the episodes were really clicking and well what else can I say. It blew me away. The crowd also helped make the evening complete. The whole house was full and there were no seats left for some people to sit so there were some people sitting on the steps in the aisle.

The whole process of doing this play was an extremely rewarding experience. I had such a blast working with so many wonderful people. I hope to work with all of them once again. Although I may no longer be Beranger, I will always keep him close by. I loved his character so much, I loved his childish view of the world and his enthusiasm in changing all the violence and problems in the world. On Friday night my mom came to see the show as well as on Saturday. She took Craig, Maryn and me ( I know, bad grammer) out to lunch at the Marshlands Inn. It was a nice change from meal hall, I think we all agree with that. I'm so glad that my mom came to see it because when I was in high school in Montreal, my parents would always come to support me. Now that I'm in Sackville, it's a little more difficult but I'm glad that she made the effort to come up. We had lots of fun catching up and talking.

Now that I'm done the play I don't know what to do with myself. Free time? What is free time? I think I'll end up watching a movie tonight. Take care everyone!

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