"Obladi, Oblada, Life Goes On": Beatles
Hmmmm after listening to this song a few times, doesn't it remind you of that Offspring song? You know "...Na na why don't you get a job... or something... Anyways, it's snowing outside and I think we're going to have about 15 centimetres of snow by tomorrow. Maybe just maybe classes will be cancelled! Nah, wishful thinking. I've been eating pretty well over the past couple of days. Yesterday I made supper for Maryn and I. I bought some penne, tomatoes, onions, etc and I made a nice pasta dish and Maryn made a nice cheese, cracker, and fruit platter. We had some nice wine and we ate up on the second floor lounge. I brought my laptop and we had some wonderful ambient music in the background. It was a lovely evening. This evening Alex took out the whole cast of "The Sniper" for supper at Pattersons family restaurant and boy did I have a good meal. Their famous chicken fingers, homemade fries and a wonderfully delightful chocolate cheese cake. Mmmmmm - chocolate cheese cake.... So that's two nights of good eating. I'm so spoiled - I'm going to be quite sad when I have to go back to meal hall.

I had a flu shot today as well so my left arm is feeling numb and limp. Everyonce and a while I get a sharp, stabbing pain in it. I wonder if that's normal... oh well, the price I pay for not getting the flu. I think it's damn worth it. I also got a parcel from Amazon.com and I was really happy. I ordered "The Flight of Dragons" and "UHF". I used to love "The Flight of Dragons" as a child. It's taken me years to remember the name of it and they didn't sell the video in stores so I'm very glad I was able to get it. "UHF" stars Weird Al. 'Nuff said.

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