"Weapon": Matthew Good Band
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I hope everyone is having a spooktacular day. The air was nice and crisp today and at around four in the afternoon the sun was high and sky was bright blue. It was another one of those Beranger days. I had to run out and take pictures of the trees and of the grass. It was tons of fun. I'm sure I got some strange looks running around with my camera taking photos of things people generally take for granted. I think I've really taken Ionesco's play to heart. Speaking of Ionesco, my ghoul friend gave me the most splendiferous book. It's called "Fragments of a Journal" by Eugene Ionesco and some of the quotes from the book are in our play so I thought that was awesome. It was really a thoughtful gift, plus the fact that it's a rare book that's out of print. I was ecstatic when I got it. I only got it today but I've been flipping through the pages all day. It's already dog-eared.

So one performance done and three more to go. For a first night, I thought last nights show went really well and we had a pretty full house. I was happy to have a responsive audience - not neccesarily a loud bunch but they made noises of appreciation here and there. I've got butterflies right now but I'm sure they will go away. I'm still excited about tonight. I think I'm going to be excited everynight. It's such a great feeling after the play is done, knowing that you have worked up to that point. All the hours of rehearsals, and memorizing paying off. It's also great to go out there in front of an audience. It may be a cliche but it is also true. It isn't a play until there is an audience, otherwise it's a just a dress rehearsal.

Tomorrow most of my friends are going to be going to see the show and my mom is coming up from Montreal. My mom might see it tomorrow but if she doesn't see it, she has a ticket reserved for Saturday. Can you tell I'm excited???

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