"Die Another Day": Madonna
Good evening, or good morning... whatever the case. It was quite the chilly day in Sackville. It really felt like winter was making its presence known. I'm glad I had my warm little gloves as well as my scarf to keep me warm.
So today was my last rehearsal for "The Sniper". I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I still remember finding out that I got the lead in this play and now Wednesday evening, I will be performing on stage as Beranger. It's so exciting!!!
I also got to take a look at my headshots for the play. I've never had one done before. I look quite pensive. If I'm able to get a copy of one, I'll post it in my other website so that you can all see it. I am really proud of this little play and if any of you are in Sackville I really encourage you to see it. It is really a great play and I'm not just saying that cause I'm in it... well ok maybe I am but there's nothing wrong with a little self promotion is there?

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