Watching "The Simpsons"
I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm just fretting over the fact that tomorrow is Monday... the scariest day of the week. Hehehe

Anyhoo, Saturday I had rehearsal... actually I've had rehearsal pretty much everyday so there's no need in telling everyone that I had rehearsal and in the evening I ended up going to see "Red Dragon" with Craig. What a great little movie. It's no "Silence of the Lambs" however it certainly kicks "Hannibal" straight in the pants. Edward Norton is always good, Ralph Fiennes was a great villain, and Anthony Hopkins... well, who else would you have play Hannibal Lector. What was great about "Red Dragon" was that the movie didn't become a Hannibal, the cannibal show. It had a good story and wasn't just about shock value.

Today's rehearsal for "The Sniper" took place in the theatre. This will pretty much be my home for the next two weeks and as tiring as it may be. I love it! The posters for "The Sniper" has been made and we've already started posting them everywhere on campus. Good old self-promotion...

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