"Dirty": Christina Aguilera
Hey everyone it's early Wednesday morning at 12:23 am... well some people would still consider this Tuesday since I haven't gone to sleep yet... but you get my drift. So the 22nd of October was quite the busy day for me. If any of you called me and I didn't answer, well that was because I was pretty much out all day. I had rehearsals, and meetings with teachers galore. All in all I'm pretty pooped.

It was also Maryn's birthday and so she had herself a pretty good day. I gave her a Doctor Seuss book and I ended up reading it to her. Books are so much more fun when you read them with funny voices. I think I should try doing that with everything I read - including boring old books on Natural Resources Managmment. It would make it so much more interesting. Anways, I'm rambling again. It was also our one month anniversay so to speak so a big pat on our backs for lasting this long. Anyone that can tolerate me for more than 24 hours must have a lot of patience :)

I have a bunch of work to do so I should probably get back to that. I just thought I needed to take a little break. I'll just be glad when it's Friday because then I'll have the majority of my papers and tests done by then. So take care Moondoggy readers and have a great week.

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