"Hard Knock Life": Dr. Evil from Austin Powers Goldmember
Good evening everyone. T'is Friday evening and it is the beginning of the weekend. HURRAY! I'm sure there are lots of happy people out there right now - including yours truly. Oh and here's a little shout out to one of my homies. A Hora Homey if you will... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!!

Today was a pretty good day. Actually it's been a REALLY good day. I had no rehearsals however I got my costume fitted for the play and I went over some of my lines with Jeannie, the assistant director. Wait until you see the costume... it's great! I was planning on taking Maryn out to a nice restaurant this evening and we were going to go to "La Pallida", the new Italian restaurant in town where "The Vienna Cafe" used to be. However when we got there it was pretty full. They said it wouldn't be a long wait so we decided to take a little walk before going to dinner. I showed Maryn "The Marshland Inn" which is not only a nice inn but a nice restaurant as well. Many a famous person has stayed at Marshland's such as Alex Colville, and Romeo LebLanc. We decided it would be a lot nicer to go eat at "Marshland's Inn" and so we ended up having a really peaceful and extremely delicious dinner. We had a blast. Oh and for dessert I had a piece of heaven! An exquisite dessert otherwise known as Chocolate Pate. It was to die for! And this is coming from someone who doesn't eat that many desserts.

I'm going over lines right now for "Tueur Sans Gages" before I watch a movie. I was just thinking... The play that I'm doing is called "The Sniper" and with all that has been happening in Washington, I think this play is really going to strike a nerve with people. The scary part is that before all the sniper incidents started happening in Virginia, we were working on this little play where there is a killer that is going around killing people at random. Men, women, and children, it didn't matter. The thing is that this play was supposed to take what was going on in the world to the extreme and none of us ever thought that any of this could really happen. Lo and behold truth is stranger than fiction...

I think this play is going to be a lot more real to some people than we ever expected. Anyways, take care everyone and have a great weekend!

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