Watching The Simpsons
I don't think I can ever get tired of watching The Simpsons. I can watch the same episodes over and over and I'd still be content watching them. Here's one of my favourite lines coming from good ole Ralph Wiggum:
"Me fail English? That's umpossible!" Such a funny little child.
Had another rehearsal for "The Sniper" and I'm getting more and more of a feel for my character. He's so much fun to play. He's like a big kid, however he's also pretty bi-polar. One moment he's really happy and the next he's sad and depressed. My next rehearsal is going to be on Friday so I get to relax a bit for the next couple of days.
I was reading "Shopgirl" by Steve Martin to Maryn this evening and I am so excited that they are going to make the novella into a movie. I'm looking forward to seeing who's going to play the lead character, Mirabelle. Since Steve Martin is in charge of the movie, acting in it, and wrote it, I'm sure it'll be a pretty faithful adaptation. Have a good day tout le monde!

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