"Warning Sign": Coldplay
Another beautiful day in Sackville. The sky looks like a giant bag of cotton balls exploded. I ended up seeing the rest of "Amelie" with Maryn yesterday. Now if you haven't seen the movie yet - what's wrong with you? Go see the movie! I'm talking to you. Yeah you. The one sitting in front of the computer. Why aren't you getting your butt of the seat to go see it? Anyways, it's just such a gem of a movie. Beautifully filmed, and such an original idea. It's movies like "Amelie" that makes you appreciate the good films amidst a heaping pile of stinky, Hollywood garbage.

I'm taking the time out to enjoy relaxing since starting tomorrow, rehearsals for "The Sniper" are going to be everyday until the show goes up so I'm taking advantage of as much relaxation and recreation time as I can get. I went to go develop some pictures of my paintings to hand in for my proposal to have an exhibition at a student run art gallery here in Sackville called START. I have to have all of that handed in by tomorrow and if everything goes well, this could be my first art exhibition. Cross your fingers for me!

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