Good morning everyone. It's about 2:22 in the morning and boy am I tired. By the way, if you notice that the comment counter doesn't work, don't worry. If you click on comments, you can still see the older comments. The problem is that YACCS is updating their system so I have yet to update the code. It still works, so please continue leaving your comments. It just won't show until after you click on it.
I had a pretty long day and so I'm kind of in la la land right now. I had rehearsal for "The Sniper" from 2:30-6:00 and then I went to see a really great show with Maryn. We got dressed up to go see "Scraps Arts Music", part of the Performing Arts Series and it was nice to do something different on a Friday night. There were five musicians who played instruments created out of old junk. I guess it really is true that one mans garbage is another ones gold. The music and choreography was great and no it did not sound like a bunch of kids banging on pots and pans, although I'm sure that when those guys were kids they got into a lot of trouble for doing that. By the time the show was over I felt like jumping around Harper and playing the radiator in my room like it was a kettle drum. I'm sure my floormates would really have appreciated that :)
Tomorrow I have rehearsal for only one hour so it should be a pretty relaxing day. At night there is going to be a party at Hesler Hall for the graduating class of 2003. Should be a fun evening. Have a great weekend everyone!

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