"My Happiness": Powderfinger
Good afternoon Moondoggy readers. I'm so confused by this weather. It's been really nice for the past couple days but since I live in Sackville, the weather is going to fluctuate like crazy and I bet you that it's going to be crazy cold tomorrow. Ah well, I might as well enjoy the weather while it's still nice. Met with the cast and crew for "The Sniper" this afternoon for the first time. We got a general idea of how the play was going to be like as well as meeting everyone and going through a bit of the script. I'm going to be quite the busy body for the next few weeks. I pretty much have rehearsal every day until the opening of the show. It may be a lot of work but right now I am so excited about this production. The cast is awesome, and I really like the story. Here's a synopsis of the story from the Windsor Theatre Fall Season calendar:

"No effort has been spared to ensure the comfort and convenience of inhabitants of the Radiant City. During a dream Berenger visits this perfect and luminescent place. His euphoria is short-lived, as the arbitrary behaviour of an invisible sniper calls into question everything that matters. Only our reflective but somewhat wasted hero seems to care about the killer's identity amd motives; his quest for enlightenment takes us far from the concrete utopia and into the recesses of our most intimate fears"

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