"Imagine": Dave Matthew Band and Blues Travel Cover
Hey everyone. I haven't updated my website for the past few days because I've been pretty busy. I was woken up early in the morning on Wednesday by Ryan's aunt to tell me that our travel package had arrived so she was sending it to me by courier. I was so excited. I continued to lie in bed when my friend Craig called me up and told me he was coming into town. I gave him a walking tour of downtown Montreal. Well... not all of it but most of St. Catherine. My mom took us out to dinner at Tao a Chinese restaurant that I go to often and then we just relaxed at my place.
Craig slept over and the next day we went shopping again before taking him to the bus station so that he could go back up to St. Sauveur to stay with Lindsay. I still had a fun day ahead of me because I was going to go see "Rent". I've heard the music to the show before but I had never actually seen the show. For anyone wondering whether the production was any good, I say it was AMAZING! The cast did a tremendous job and absolutely everyone had a great voice. I couldn't really make up my mind as to who was the best singer in the show. My mom also got us great tickets so we were pretty close to the action. I had a blast.
Yesterday I went to a party at Ryan's house. The party didn't really end up starting until about 11 o clock at night which meant that it was pretty late by the time I got home. I had a good time and enjoyed some Tornade Sangila :)
However Tornada Sangrila is nothing compared to the real Sangria that my mom made for tonight's party at my house. It's legendary!!! I had a lunch at my house with my family and some friends of the family and now I pretty much am taking a break from setting up the party that's going to take place tonight. Man have I been busy!
The weather looks like it's going to rain. I hope it doesn't so that we can go to the pool but if it does, no biggie. We can hang out inside.
Recently I sent some feedback to wrestlezone.com on the state of the WWE. I was surprised to receive some feedback myself over the e-mail by Mark Allen, who writes "Stiff Shots". He posted up a part of my article on on the site, if you're interested, you can check it out at: Stiff Shots Column. Have a great weekend everyone!

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