This post is from Moby's website. I totally agree with him. As cliche as it sounds, sometimes I really do wish that we could all get along...

"yes, i know that arabs and israelis have lots of reasons to hate each other. but history is filled with episode after episode of people who have lotsof reasons to hate each other who eventually realized that hating and killing is a barbaric and counter-productive waste of time.
enemies can become friends. it's one of the most beautiful and noble things that human beings can aspire towards, turning hatred into friendship.
i hope that we live to see a day when our children and grandchildren don't even really know or understand that arabs and israeli's used to hate each other.
just think of all of the people who now get along with each other who used to hate each other.
germany and france.
american and japan.
russia and finland.
it's possible. and i hold out the fragile and naive hope that at some point arabs and israelis will figure out a way of putting aside their hatred for one another and will spend their time in more constructive and benign ways.
i cannot for the life of me imagine that god would be happy to see muslims or jews killing and hating each other, in any capacity. but i especially cannot imagine god being happy about muslims and jews killing innocent people, like the man at L.A.X who was dropping a friend off at the airport and who was expecting a 6th child with his wife. if god cries, i'm sure that this is the sort of thing that makes god cry. innocents being killed, regardless of the circumstances, is a terrible and avoidable tragedy."


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