virus threatens pork production
new U.S. ambassador feels heat

diplomat expulsions raise some eyebrows
universities unsure what future holds

tough talk

battle for control in larger cities
a century of conflict

breaking down the issues
zeroing in on Canada's zombie safety zones

solutions made for a changing world
solutions at hand to level the playing field

with divisive politics defeated,
let hope reign

hog heaven

Source: Headlines from The Montreal Gazette. 9th April, 2014.
Method: Compose a poem whose body is sourced from article headlines in your newspaper. Read more "headline" poems in the comments section here.

I imaged this poem as the synopsis for a zombie flick set in the Great White North with product placements by the pork industry, um, for some reason. And yes, "Zeroing in on Canada's Zombie Safety Zones" is a real headline.

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