THE EMPEROR'S SOFA reviewed by Cha

"Wow!" is my reaction to Greg Santos' three-part collection, The Emperor's Sofa. Originality raises its ornery head in every piece, and yet somehow the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Santos pays tribute to various modern North American poets and shares several traits with members of that illustrious tribe: snapping wit, irony, urban angst, the rhythms of everyday speech (with a slight Canadian accent) and a mordant relish in the trappings of consumerism...

The Emperor's Sofa gets some love all the way from Hong Kong with a new review from the newest issue of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (#16). The Emperor is pleased.

Please check out the review HERE.

Thank you, Tammy Ho Lai-MingEddie Tay, Pauline Burton, and the rest of the Cha gang.


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