I don't have a status update for what I'm feeling

I wish I could hyperlink you my thoughts and emotions.

It would make this poem more efficient and user friendly.

The act of eating reminds me I am alive.

Flossing daily helps, too.

Eating Pringles satisfies me more than real potatoes.

I make attachments with people who are "real"
but find real people elusive.

I rely on the internet to connect with people.

Does that make me a bad person?

Please don't answer that.

I feel that I am too sensitive a creature,
my feelers do their job excessively well.

In one hemisphere, my brain hurts.

Greg Santos
Paris, France
February 2, 2011

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Jim Stockman said...

I like it Greg. Keep up the good work! Persistance in any craft is always aptly rewarded. Don't let the elusives get you down. They exist only for themselves; only 'think' they are real but are merely aggravating bumps in the road. The key thing also is....they are NOT artists, and true artists are truly real.