The Green Bike Stories

I am thrilled to have a story included in The Green Bike Stories.

All the stories in this very cool anthology are titled "The Green Bike" and are six sentences in length.

Here's some more info about The Green Bike Stories:

Dozens of short pieces with the exact same title? Not a coincidence. Each of the talented writers you'll meet inside (and many others who didn't make the cut) were asked to write a six-sentences story called "The Green Bike." No rules - just a title and a length. The best of the bunch are collected here - in six parts of course, along with the $100 prizewinning story by Josh Olsen - all for your enjoyment. A truly excellent read, and a must-have for any fan of the "Six Sentences" website.

Please order yourself a copy here.

Thank you Thomas Knox and Rob McEvily.


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