A Father's Day Poem

I wrote the following poem a few days after I found out I was going to be a father (the baby's due at the beginning of August!)

My poem is dedicated to my late-father, and to all fathers everywhere.

Thanks fer reading.


That Moment

My mind is doing jumping jacks.
Only my beloved, our doctor, and I know.
I am used to sending off my poem babies into the unknown.
They go forth like little pioneers.
But this is different.
What do I know of fatherhood?
It is that time before the computer shuts down,
the special moment after the movie trailers
but before the feature presentation.
The exact second when the dog
spots the popcorn kernel hovering mid-air.
It is the tick before the tock,
the instant before the clock strikes midnight.
That jolt of electricity before lips first touch.
It is the moment before the line turned blue.
And again the moment before it turned blue
a second time, just to be sure.

By Greg Santos


Maryn said...

You're adorable!

Carol said...

How effing scary is it to realize you're going to be a real parent to a real baby? I'm due at the end of August...

Greg Santos said...

It's ca-ra-zay! Both our due dates are coming up... all the best to you and Benn! G