Postcard Life Story

I recently finished being interviewed by Michael Kimball for his Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard) project.

After speaking to his subjects and asking them some questions, Kimball condenses their life story into a text small enough to fit on the back of a postcard. I tell you, it is a pretty bizarre experience to read one's own life story written by a complete stranger.

My story won't be out for a couple of months but in the meantime you should check out the the other life stories cataloged online on Kimball's blog. It's pretty fascinating stuff. Kimball has written postcard life stories ranging from authors like Tao Lin and Blake Butler, to a story about how a couple got married, to the biography of an apple, a heart-breaking story about a dog named Sammy, and countless other stories about everyday folks. Everybody, it seems, has a story to tell.

You can read some great press about Kimball's project from The Guardian, NPR, and HTMLGIANT.

Kimball is also the author of the awesome epistolary novel, Dear Everybody, which has gotten rave reviews from The Los Angeles Times to Time Out New York. Check out a trailer for Dear Everybody here. Oh wait, there's more. Kimball's also responsible for the documentary films I Will Smash You and 60 Writers / 60 Places.

Phew. Thank you, Michael.

Keep fighting the good fight.


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