From the Desk of Mr. Khan by Greg Santos

Performing "From the Desk of Mr. Khan", a letter from Kublai Khan to is penpal, Matilda.

Originally published in The Future Hygienic (PistolPress, 2009).


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Mr. Kahn:

Have you ever wondered why bread was so grungy in the morning? Why popsicles never spun wildly from trees?

I have. In fact, I spent many a month on bird-back contemplating these things and others important, burning questions: like which is milder, Taco sauce or Winter in Spain. On the other hand, bushy beards on bushy bears have always fought for freedom like the wilder sister of Gretta. And while people started singing about the trees, I starting jumping on roofs.

My watch was tickling sunny hot days when all of a sudden the skies opened up and sun shone brightly on the hair of the June morning rain. Did we complain? Maybe if we did it was because of the damn cheese graters. I mean come on can't we all just get a piece of pie? On a related note, people sometime are hard up for dog biscuits, but I love it when grimacing children ask for vodka.

Do pigs really want it to be dark? I think so but then I was only a tadpole. Sometimes I wonder about brains. Are they more like spaghetti or sparkle bright? Ding a ling to the mother fairies. Tell me, why is it that the half-ice-tea, half-bull -testicles never turned into junebugs? Or magic carpets?

Maybe I should get back to my shit.