For Every Year

Have you checked out Crispin Best's For Every Year project? He is collecting stories dedicated to every year since 1400. Right now the project is up to the year 1503.

A lot of rad poets and writers have contributed to this project like Molly Gaundry, Jimmy Chen, Ben Brooks, Ryan Manning, Ben Mirov, and Rebecca Perry.

Crispin accepted one of my stories for the year 1519, the year Leonardo da Vinci died. Stay tuned for that when it comes out.

This is an awesome project and must be read to be fully appreciated.

Check out some of Crispin's work here and here and here. Oh, and his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles e-book, Go Ninja Go Ninja Go. You will smile just a little bit.

Thanks for temporarily lending me your eyeballs, dear reader.

You're the best.


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You're the best.