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1) William Keckler's has written a poem about a unicorn. Its awesomeness cannot be witnessed by mere mortal eyes. Industrial strength sunglasses are required.

2) Anyone planning on submitting to the Michael Jackson Poetry contest hosted by something called Rainbow Poets? Heee heee!

3) Follow me on Twitter. I will live in your internet. Follow shitmydadsays. It is written by Justin. Justin is 28 and lives with his 73-year old dad. You will not believe some of the stuff Justin dad's says. Hi-larious. Follow a_westie. The world's most badass West Highland Terrier.

4) I read Bernhard Goetz by Sam Pink from Pangur Ban Party. You should read it, too. It makes me nod my head and say "I know, right?" It also makes me want to punch a wall. But in a good way. DJ Berndt runs PBP. I need to come up with another synonym for awesome. How about awestastic? Yeah. Awestastic. Thank you Sam Pink for writing the awestastic Bernard Goetz. Thank you DJ Berndt for putting together such an awestastic publication.

5) This is a collage by Jillian Brall. We went to school together. She is a very talented poet and artist. Support her and check out out more of her art here.

6) I am craving this.

Sleepily yours,


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DJ Berndt said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like it.