Inauguration Day Miscellaneous

After a battery-charging Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, I'm starting off the day (attempting) to get some work done. I say attempting because I'm currently glued to CNN's coverage of Barack Obama's inauguration.

I have a few links of interest in honor of this historical day:

The New York Times talks to inaugural poet Elizabeth Alexander.

A new book called Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country from McSweeney's compiles advice and letters from children to Barack Obama with such nuggets of advice as "If I were president, I would help all nations, even Hawaii" (Chad, age 9, Los Angeles) and "I really hope you put America back together. No pressure, though." (Sheenie, age 13, Seattle).

David Lehman, on The Best American Poetry blog shares some insight on a poem Obama wrote when he was 19 years old. Read about it here. And read Obama's poem in its entirety here.

Happy Inaugauration Day!

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