Poetry Brothel

Ever wonder what some New School poets do for fun? They take part in the Poetry Brothel, where literary debauchery is the name of the game.

While clients pick out "poetry whores" who give private one-on-one poetry readings, tarot-card readers, portrait painters, blackjack players, and musicians entertain the crowd.

It's naughty but not too naughty, and all in good fun.

The Poetry Brothel will be performing at the Jonathan Shorr Gallery (109 Crosby St. @ Prince) on Thursday, March 13th from 6pm to Midnight.

From Time Out - New York:

The “madam” behind the Poetry Brothel is Stephanie Berger, 23, an M.F.A. student in creative writing at The New School. A petite redhead with piercing eyes, she can usually be found either sashaying through the crowd kissing cheeks and pimping out her harem, or screaming obscenities into a megaphone when patrons fail to quiet down for an open performance. “I never really planned for this to be so sexual,” Berger says of the series. “It was more an interesting framework for private readings. The first night was definitely more sexual than I had intended, but that’s fine. I’m sure it’s going to be something different every time, depending on the crowd.” The prurient atmosphere is enhanced by the fact that the performers adopt libertine alter egos: Maggie Wells is “La Duchess,” a French aristo slumming as a harlot; Amy Lawless plays an absinthe-addicted trollop whose lovers all kill themselves. Asked if she thought the cathouse concept wasn’t a bit sexist, Berger waves her hand and laughs. “That’s a ridiculous notion—if you’re a poet, you’re always giving your shit away for free. You might as well get paid for it!”

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