Kafka: A big fat fake

In the wake of all the recent "fake memoirs" by the likes of Margaret B. Jones and Misha Defonseca, it is with great shame and embarrassment that we learn that Franz Kafka, writer of such fictional classics like "The Metamorphosis" and "The Trial" was a faker, too. For shame, Franz, for shame...

From The New York Times:

IN a scandal that’s sending shock waves through both the publishing industry and academia, the author Franz Kafka has been revealed to be a fraud.

“‘The Metamorphosis’ — purported to be the fictional account of a man who turns into a large cockroach — is actually non-fiction,” according to a statement released by Mr. Kafka’s editor, who spoke only on the condition that he be identified as E.

“The story is true. Kafka simply wrote a completely verifiable, journalistic account of a neighbor by the name of Gregor Samsa who, because of some bizarre medical condition, turned into a ‘monstrous vermin.’ Kafka assured us that he’d made the whole thing up. We now know that to be completely false. The account is 100 percent true.”

More on this shocking story here.

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