Living with a poet

I'll have to ask my significant other if I act like 'the poet' in this piece from Poetry magazine. It's a fun read and pretty over the top. In it, a fiction writer muses on what it's like to live with a poet. Are we really this odd?

From Poetry magazine:

The reason poets are able to read so much is because they spend more time "waiting" than writing. Waiting! What a bizarre concept. Reading, taking walks, debating whether an autumnal oak leaf is really red ochre or more a perinone orange, all the time twisting the miserable wire coat hanger of their souls this way and that in the hope of becoming receptive.

More here.


Maryn said...

Yes, I suppose you must be "the real thing", too: your insomnia, your constant reading (or "waiting!"), your obsessions with "peripheral historical figures" (McGee...), your pile of books sent to you to be reviewed... But thankfully for me, you haven't fulfilled the book-throwing criteria yet!!

Greg Santos said...

Ha ha, in the future I'll be sure to keep the book-throwing to a minimum.