Best-selling Poet, Giovanni, Taught Killer

The Virginia Tech massacre is on everyone's mind here in the US. As we continue to hear more shocking details as days go by, it's been so difficult to grasp the notion that the killer was an English student. It also hits close to home that so many of the victims were language students, a lot of them killed in their French class. But regardless of people's academic backgrounds, these needless deaths are just so sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.

Creative writing can often be windows to people's souls and in particular, the killer's poetry, plays, and stories reveal a very dark and tormented young man. I was surprised to learn that best-selling poet Nikki Giovanni taught him in a poetry workshop and found him so troubling that she threatened to quit if he wasn't removed from her class.

On Tuesday, Giovanni delivered an inspirational poem to close the campus convocation in honor of the victims. View the video here. Read Giovanni's convocation poem and more here.

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