Review of 300

After recently reading Herodotus' gripping historical narrative on the battle of Thermopylae, I've been anxiously waiting to see 300 on the big screen. I finally saw it this past weekend and while I am a fan of the heavily stylized graphic novel the film is based on, at the same time, I was disappointed by the film's lack of substance. Technically and visually it was gorgeous and extremely faithful to Frank Miller's graphic novel, but frankly, the weak script and misrepresentation of both the Greeks and Persians marred the whole experience for me. I could go on but I found a great review of 300 in Archeology written by Eugene N. Borza that does a thorough job at illuminating the film's successes and flaws.

Read the review here: A technically exciting videogame of a film, 300 loses touch with a critical and moving event in Greek history.

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