Death of Literacy? Maybe not in Canada

From The Globe and Mail:

Canadians are more likely to read a book than attend a movie, and they're visiting art galleries and historic sites more. At least that's what appears to have been the case two years ago, according to an analysis released yesterday of a "social survey" of 10,000 Canadians completed by Statistics Canada in 2005.

The analysis by Hill Strategies Research Inc. of Hamilton found that, in 2005, 17.4 million Canadians 15 years of age and older -- or 66.6 per cent of that total population group -- read at least one book in the course of 12 months. In fact, about four in 10 Canadians read at least one book a month in 2005. By contrast, in that same period, 15.9 million Canadians (61 per cent) went out to see at least one movie in a theatre or at the drive-in...

More here.

Dave McGimpsey once said, "The most overrated virtue is literacy and the most underrated is flossing." But seriously folks, this info seems like a good thing yet like Bookninja, I don't know how much I trust the statistics but if it is true then yay for us.

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