Info Fair

I went to the Yale and New Haven Information Fair where Maryn and I browsed through the displays from campus, community services, and vendors. We grabbed so many freebies we almost didn't have enough hands to carry everything: from pens, pamphlets, coupons, edible goodies to the bizarre, like a TD Bank punching bag and a stress ball shaped like a brain. We were even on a poster for the university's Battell Chapel because we attended a welcome service this last Sunday and got our photos taken.

There are many concert, theatre, and arts events taking place in the New Haven area during the school year, it's overwhelming. For instance Dave Brubeck is coming to town in October!

Since I'm new to the New Haven lit scene, I was excited to learn about The Arts & Literature Laboratory which hosts The Word of Mouth Reading Series. The next reading will be taking place on September 15th, featuring Kate Greenstreet and Adam Clay. I'm hoping to participate as well so if you're in the area, be on the look out for me that night...

While at The Info Fair, I also got my hands on all four issues of Palimpsest, an arts and literary magazine created by the Yale University community of graduate and professional schools. I spoke to one of the editors and I'll be trying to get involved with Palimpsest in some capacity soon.

The mag aims to reinvent the book form, push the boundaries of artistic experimentation, and incorporate multimedia elements such as DVDs and CDs. The books are unique, beautifully crafted, and function not only as reading material but are self-contained art pieces. They're certainly not magazines to hide away in a box so we have them displayed for all to see on our coffee table.

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