Oilers beat Hurricanes 4-0

I watched the last two periods of yesterday's game and couldn't believe how well Edmonton played. It's hard to believe that this is the same team that was down 3-1 not too long ago. They couldn't have asked for a more perfect game. If they keep playing like this on Monday; The Cup is going home to Canada. Sweet!

In honour of the Stanley Cup finals and Father's Day, I thought I'd post a recent poem of mine.

Hockey Night in Canada

I called to him
from the basement
wanting him to see
my new computer game
where you can play
as The Montreal Canadiens.

I was impatient,
wanting him to join me
before the face-off began,
eventually he shuffled
his way downstairs
in his burgandy house coat.

He pulled up a chair,
easing his tired body
next to mine and watched
as I eagerly pitted
Our Canadiens against The Bruins.

I was too young to realize
the pain he must have been in
but regardless of the illness
that had slowed him down,
nothing was going to stop him
from enjoying a hockey game
with his son.

-Greg Santos, 2006

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